Open Call

RENE is the new theatre and performance festival in Braunschweig. The festival organized by students searches for other students from Niedersachsen, who are looking for a stage for their artistic/ performative/ installative piece of art.

RENE is new, RENE is renewable and in 2022 RENE wants to recycle.

What has remained unfinished? What has accumulated on our streets and in our heads during the last two years of the pandemic? What just needs the last few touches and what would deserve it to be melted down completely and to be transformed into something new? RENE searches for that, which has been (nearly) thrown away and gives it the chance of remanufacturing.

RENE aims to be cool and has understood one thing: That nothing deserves to stay like it is. That the new turns into the old and the old into the new. And that over and over again.

RENE invites you to come to Braunschweig from 11.-22. July 2022 and wants to see what you´ve got to recycle. RENE opens up a festival campus ranging from the LOT-Theater to the Braunschweig University of Art on which you can reassemble yourself in a recycling manner, merge mentally or get destroyed by a party. The main thing is, that we have put together something new after the two weeks.

Want to be part of this year’s festival?

Then apply until 06.03.2022 extended to 13.03.2022 with your piece of art performed on stage, your installation or another artistic piece of work. 

At least 1 person in the artist group must be enrolled in an artistic and/or art/media science course of studies at a university or college in Niedersachsen at the time of the application deadline (or must not have been exmatriculated for longer than one year).

For your application, please, fill in the application form and attach your technical rider, an estimate of your costs as well as, if available, a video or photos of your piece of work. Send all your application documents to until 06.03.2022 extended to 13.03.2022.


And what do we offer you?

First of all, a place for your art and an interested audience, whom you can present your art. Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to network with other artists from Niedersachsen during the course of the festival. In advance, we, the organizers of RENE, can be contacted and will guide you through the process. We will endeavor to cover all costs arising due to being part of the festival (i.e. transport, travel expenses, materials used up for the piece of art (Verbrauchsmaterialien), rental fees of technical equipment). Because of that we would like to ask you to submit an estimate of your costs. We will not be able to take over any payments of fees. If we have gained an overview of the budget and the expenses all participants have, we might pay an allowance.

Until then:

We look forward to your applications.

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